Though it has been a few years, I was a bride once too! I remember how exciting (and overwhelming) it was to think about all the particulars that come with planning a wedding. I hope you'll trust It's Really Handwritten with some of those special details.

Why Modern Calligraphy?

I'm a wife, mother, and registered nurse who loves to create beautiful hand lettered pieces. For me, this passion started as a distraction from some of my life's hardest moments.

In 2017, I spent months at my husband’s military hospital bedside while he recovered from multiple life-giving surgeries. In the midst of such a personally trying time, I looked for a positive creative outlet. With Crayola markers and YouTube, I began learning modern calligraphy to pass the endless hours in the hospital. 

Today, I am living my dream as a full time mom of two. I started

It’s Really Handwritten to marry a craft that I love with my desire to help provide for my growing family.

I would love to connect with you about how modern calligraphy can enhance your wedding day!