My fiancée, Christine and I have had the absolute best experience with Jaimie from It's Really Handwritten! From the moment we met her, she has been nothing short of amazing...welcoming a same sex couple with open arms. Jaimie has been very professional and patient with us...taking the time to answer any questions we had along the way! We hired Jaimie to write our addresses and RSVP cards for the invitations! Some of our family and friends have started getting their invitations and the response has been the same..."your invitations are gorgeous and never in my life have i received something with my name on it written so beautifully!" We hadn't planned on anything like this but couldn't imagine our wedding invitations without Jaimie and her gorgeous calligraphy! You may not think you need someone to address your invitations for you..but trust me you do! This was such a time saver for us! Thank you Jaimie for providing such a beautiful service to us!

Heather E.

Jaimie's love for calligraphy shines through her pieces! She proved fun and easy to communicate with throughout wedding planning. Her table number and guest book signs perfectly correlate with our flowers and decorations! In addition, she beautifully wrote the recipients' addresses on our wedding invitation envelopes. We loved that they felt elegant, and also handmade. We live in another state, and she ensured that mailing and delivery were not issues. We also received numerous compliments about her gorgeous calligraphy from our family and friends! Her invitation envelopes and reception signs brought such a personal, elegant and lovely touch to everything! We will definitely contact her again for our next special occasion!

Amanda G.

On March 15th, quarantine hit & I had to completely pivot with my business. Appointments became virtual, which included sample packets in the mail. These packets had to make a great impression, to have a pop, to have a wow factor. I am so thankful for Jaimie and It’s Really Handwritten. Upon receipt, my customers messaged me to say how beautiful the packets were and how excited they were for the upcoming appointments. I know that It’s Really Handwritten made a tremendous difference in my business, it helped impress my clients and gave me great results when I really needed it! I will definitely use It’s Really Handwritten again.

Kathy R.